Design as NFT - PackDesigner
Intellectual Property Protection
Copyright Protection
Pack Designer™ encrypts the uploaded design draft data through timestamp service, generates an unique corresponding digital fingerprintand by HASH and PBFT algorithm. Every design draft uploaded to Pack Designer™ will be encrypted and stored on a special copyright certificate platform based on blockchain technology.
Transaction traceability
With blockchain and electronic signature technology, a whole life cycle management of intellectual property rights is now possible on Pack Designer™. We’ll track and record every use and transaction of each design draft to protect the interests of both designers and customers.
Infringement AI Mornitoring
Real-time automatic surveillance will collect the evidence of possible infringement acts throughout the Internet with the help of AI monitoring and copyright infringement reporting system.
Legal Protection
Pack Designer™ synchronously store the data on the servers of notarial offices, judicial expertise offices, Internet courts and other authoritative institutions. Once infringement is confirmed, our transnational legal team will provide the most comprehensive legal services for designers and customers from different legal systems around the world.